We believe musical expression is at the heart of our search for perfect hi-fi.
That’s why we design quality components to deliver the best possible rendering of musical dynamics, so even the most extreme dynamic moments are delivered with perfect expression.

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In the long search for the perfect hi-fi, the Jönsson Audio philosophy is simple: to maintain the purity and integrity of the original signal at all times. This, we believe, is the only route to achieving true hi-fi sound quality.

At Jönsson Audio we believe music should be heard as originally intended by, composers, and performers we admire. So when we design a state-of-the-art Theatre System, we begin by shortening signal pathways to minimize the possibility of distortion. Even our signal switches are built to audiophile specification with high quality contacts. Power supplies are highly specified, using only top quality components. Thus, Jönsson Audio systems deliver a broad and accurate soundstage, with each instrument perfectly focused in its position in the stereo picture.



From a poignant moment to an explosive action scene, Jonsson’s ability to deliver the full spectrum of sound with such finesse makes the experience incredibly real and exciting.

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